5 Email Marketing Best Practices 2018

Today our theme is Email Marketing and some important points with do’s and don’ts.

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First, lest talk what is email marketing.
Email marketing is an important and effective instrument for a marketing mix, special in digital tools.
According to MailChimp “Email marketing helps you connect with your audience to promote your brand and increase sales. You can do a lot of things with emails, like sell products, share some news, or tell a story”
With email marketing is possible to create stronger campaigns and also measure the result it in an easy way, in comparison with others marketing tools, like advertising in TV or magazines for example.
Nowadays exist automation software that can help with effective email marketing campaign according to the audience and considering the moment in the buyer journeys.
This automation options can also help with a mail list segmentation. With this will be possible to deliver the right content for the right person.
But, it’s not a simple task as sounds at first impact.
For delivery, an effective email marketing needs an excellent plan and a brilliant execution.
To help with this construction we created some tips with best practices to obtain success with your email marketing campaign. And some points to avoid too.

 5 Tips to email marketing success
1- Email list
The first step is to have an effective email list, made by yourself (your business), not a paid list that you can by.
When you work to create your mail list, you’ll use emails from people that already have contact with your business or brand.
It’s an important point because you are using email marketing to show something that this audience wants to see.
Another critical item is about the concern or subscriber. That email list that you are using needs to have the concern to receive emails from you, it, of course, it not happen when you buy an email list.
After to have an email list, you will have another crucial point:  to keep improving the email list constantly.
According to Fulcrum Tech blog post, an email list loses 25% of subscriber every year, so it’s important to use some tools to attract new people for the list.
There are some tools to use to improve your email list, like a subscriber for a newsletter, or a download asks for an e-book, for example.
2 – Email List segmentation
A good segmentation can help you to deliver the right message for the right person.
About email list segmentation, we have to keep some things in our mind: Nobody is the same point in the buyer’s journeys.
Nobody is a heavy user of your brand /business.
Maybe you have some people arriving now in your mail list.
Because of that, a segmentation is a big issue for an email marketing success.
A good welcome message for someone that arrived now in your list, is different for a thank’s for buying message for someone that bought a product/service.
Or a special promotion for someone that is looking for some products/services.
Segmentation can help you to keep talking with your target with the message that they want to receive, and it’s an important point for not receive many opt-outs after a campaign.
MailChimp did a big research in 2017 and the result about the email marketing segmentation at study is very clear.
They used the MailChimp system with users that used the list segmentation tool, with about 2,000 users that send 11,000 segmented campaign to almost 9milion receipts.
And then they compared this results with the same customers, but with non-segmented campaigns.
In the result sheet, it’s possible to see how segmented campaigns are successful than others:
Opened emails: 14.31% higher than non-segmented campaigns
Unique Opens: 10.64% higher than non-segmented campaigns
Clicks: 100.95% higher than non-segmented campaigns
Bounces: 4.65% lower than non-segmented campaigns
Abuse Reports: 3.90% lower than non-segmented campaigns
Unsubscribe: 9.37% lower than non-segmented campaigns
Its possible to see the full report from MailChimp at this link:
3-  Email Personalization
To achieve your customers and to generate better results, personalization is been used a lot not only for email,  but in many areas of marketing.
There are many ways to work with email marketing personalization.
The most common but not utilized in total by the companies is to add your subscriber name in the email. It’s a good way to get their attention.
But, it’s not just it.
In a post about email personalization techniques for Neil Patel website, Emma O’Neill told about many examples used to increase email marketing results using personalization.
One of that example was about Paper Style company, a wedding specialist website. Emma told that the personalization plan was to add a simple question for the customers: “What are you planning for?” The options were: your wedding or a friend or relative’s wedding.
Image from NeilPatel website, about Paper Style email marketing personalization strategy

According to the blog post, based on the customer’s answers, the group were assigned to different timelines and emails marketing, specially created for each group.
Emma wrote that ”The reaction to these new, targeted emails was astonishing. Paper Style’s open rate increased by 244% and their click-through rate increased by 161%. It was a short, easy question, but it made the emails much more personalized, and evidently worked for the business.”
Another example about personalization is Hubspot email marketing test that included the team member’s contact and photos at email marketing.
The test results showed that Email with the team was more effective them the emails without team information. “The click-through rate for the email from the company was 0.73%. But, when the email was from someone on HubSpot’s marketing team, the click-through rate jumped to 0.96% and generated 292 more clicks. The email sent by a real person proved more likely to be clicked. This also showed customers’ positive reactions to a more personal business” wrote Emma in her post.

Image from NeilPatel website, about Hubspot email marketing personalization strategy

4- Social Media and Email Marketing integration
To integrate efforts is not a new thing and should be developed since the first step in your strategy.
But sometimes, email marketing are inside the strategy but not integrated.
It’s a simple task that can really help your social media engagement and also shows that your company/brand has a good and integrated platform.
For that, is necessary to include in your email marketing the social media links. So with that, your target can follow your social media channels and keep engaged and in contact with your business.
5 – Mobile Design
To develop a design for email marketing is much more than a beautiful visual.
With mobile accessibility more frequency, It’s necessary to keep the mobile responsive in mind to get better results.
According to Fulcrum Tech blog post, a company named Litmus did a study about email marketing with mobile devices.
“13 billion emails opened in 2016 and revealed that mobile devices accounted for more than half (54%) of the opens. This compares to desktop computers, which accounted for 19% of the opens at the beginning of 2016 and dropped to 16% of opens by the end of the year”.

Check List to help with a good execution.

During the email marketing execution, we know that some tasks can be forgotten.

To help with the email marketing strategy, SendGrig prepared a simple Check list that can help. This pdf can be download. Just click here

Things to avoid in email marketing

After to talk about things to do, now is time to talk about things that we need to avoid in an email marketing strategy.
Sending emails without a strategy
Email marketing, like others marketing tools, needs a strategy. It’s necessary to think about many items before to start sending emails.
One big mistake can be sending messages without a strategy and an integrated marketing plan.
Without this, you will not be able to achieve the results that you need, and also you don’t will be able to measure it.
Sending emails without a good design
We talked about how is important a mobile design but is not just it. A email design is necessary, even for desktops.
Your email needs to look professional, with an attractive message and images, a good and interesting subject line and personalized text and information.
Here is an example of a bad email marketing. I never asked for Santander to send me an email, the email is without my name, it’s not personalized and I’m not looking to open a bank.
The subject line is: Coming to be customer Santander, the best bank in the country.
Here I have a good example. I remember I did opt in for this email.
It’s with my name and with a subject that I was looking for. Interesting text, with a link to important words, beautiful image with a call to action to find a headhunter now.
The subject line is: Do you give way to despair in your job search?

Sending a lot of emails

You need to keep your strategy in mind and to draft how many emails you’ll send.
Each segmentation that you have, you ‘ll to create an email sub-strategy.
–    how many emails, each day, each time, with the subject, etc.
It needs to be a right number of email marketing. Even less or more.
To send a lot of emails can make our audience fill angry with you and result in unsubscribing or get your email to spam box, and also send fewer emails can make then forget you.
But the question is: How I know the right number for my business?
The Omnisend blog has a post talking about this, for small business.
According to their study, the best frequency for small business is 2-4 emails per month. You can see the report , just click here
See you in next post 🙂

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