Content Marketing for the travel Industry

Our objective is to give tips and examples about Content Marketing for the travel industry.

To help with this creative process for content marketing for the travel industry we chose 2 different types of content:
1 – Trends
2 – Inspirational channel
Today I’ll go to talk about Trends, but I’ll go to leave the link for a slide share presentation, where you can find the Inspirational channels too.
They are really good. To there to see it.
Let’s talk about Trends to Travel Industry for 2018.
To be connected with Trends is one way to stay in advantage, bringing new things for your content marketing production.
Experience is not a new trend in Travel Industry, but more and more customers are looking for unique and authentic experience.
To play this game,  you can explore Experience World, offering different types and ideas for an amazing and exclusively moment.
Giants in Travel Industry are working hard with experience.
Virgin Group and Airbnb have one website focused on it.
@ExperienceTreeTops is an specialized  company with some kind of experience and adventure, like this one, having beds on the trees.

A health-conscious travel is a crescent demand and Intrepid travel is adding 6 new cycling tour including Bali and Peru.
Another powerful tool to use is to show your differential in your website, if possible in your landing page.
You differential can be your localization, your tours, your space., your food, your drinks.  I don’t know your differential, but you need to know that.
If you want, you can send us an email and we can help you to find your differential if you don’t’ have it yet.
Random photos showing the hotel and the unique safari experience.

Hotel Plaza Atheneé Paris
 Using random photos to show the hotel architecture and Rooms with Eifel Tower View.

Drone Photos and Videos
You can create an amazing high impact content using inspiration from Drone Photography.
Use these photos to show your business or the area that you are working on.
 Explore the Drone point of view can create an amazing result.
You can find more drones photos of inspiration following the #dronephotography on Instagram.

You also can see our video about this theme <click here> 
SlideShare Presentation <click here> 

See you soon.

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