Digital Evolution and Trends for 2018

It’s clear that Digital Evolution is transforming the way how we connect, talk and also make purchases. Today we’ll go to talk a little more about this digital evolution and Digital Trends for 2018.

In December 2017 54,4% World Population was connected.  This number is 23% more than 2 years ago.

In North America, this number is the biggest in the world, with 95% of the population connected. 

In Social Media Users we have a number of 42% of penetration, that means that 3,196 billion people in the world are connected with social media. 

Even with this big number and growing scenarios, according to with PwC survey 

E-commerce represent less than 15% of global B2C commerce.

At this same survey, is possible to see the Mobile purchase growing up, representing 17% of some purchase using mobile in 2018 (for clothes, books and electronics).

E-commerce sales worldwide from 2014 to 2018 (in billion U.S. dollars) – *expectation 
Data from

Online purchases are not the first choice for the most of categories yet, but we can see a big opportunity exposed by the online progress.  

E-commerce increased 113% in last 4 years, with an expectation of $ 2,842 billion U.S dollar for 2018.

To talk about E-comm and don’t talk about Millennials is almost impossible.
We need to study and understand “millennials”  mindset and issues. 
It’s a key point for brands and for digital strategy development;

This generation (with 18-38age) is the largest generation in U.S over decades. 
They are near to 92 millions people in U.S.

Connected yes, but with less money

In 2013 the young adults made $2,000 less per year than young adults in 1980.

Another information shows us that a recent bacharels have an average of $ 30,000 in loan debt. This scenarius about millennials money is helping to change the consummer.

“Millennials have been reluctant to buy items such as cars, music and luxury goods. Instead, they’re turning to a new set of services that provide access to products without the burdens of ownership, giving rise to what’s being called a “sharing economy.” 25 years form now, car sharing will be the norm, and car ownership an anomaly” 

Jeremy Rifkin

 Author and Economist

In resume,  smart choice (good price/quality) is important for “millennials”.
More than have things they want to experiment;

Whit this overview about Digital Evolution and some important news, now Is time to talk about some Digital trends

To have a brand connected and allow online sales are not enough anymore. Evolution is necessary, so we need to keep our eyes open.

High Tech Mirror –

01 Shop retail is working hard in transformations, to bring consumer experience and in this scenarios digital is essential.

Augmented Reality –

Augmented reality will have an important participation in e-commerce trends.
With features that help consumers to see the products in their houses/offices before to by, for example.

03 be prepared with tools to understand the synergy between on and off purchases; “British retailer Matalan discovered that every £1 spent on AdWords resulted in £46 in sales, £31 of which was in-store” []

Fingerprint recognition-

04 apply new technologies to offer facilities and security for online purchases. Mobile payment facilities will booster the e-commerce transaction. With features like fingerprint and facial recognition;

Google Home –

05 Customers, even more, will interact only with machines and make voice purchases.
A PwC Global Survey detected what might become the next big trend: voice-assisted interactions.
Shopping, through devices such as the Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Alibaba’s Genie.
To study and understand the voice interaction and to be prepared for this evolution is the biggest issue.

Want to understand a little more about this trends news?
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