How to create a personal brand

5 Steps and examples of personal brand construction.

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Follow you can find a resume about how to create a #personalbrand in simple 5 steps, with examples and tools to help you with your Personal Brand construction.
In a Digital world, think about a personal brand is one important point.
Everything we do or say in social media can promote or damage our personal brand, so understanding that our objective is to guide you in a personal brand development using social media as a vehicle.

Personal Brand Definition

“Personal branding is essentially the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about an individual, group, or organization “

Wikipedia Personal brand definition, June 2018

What means personal brand
One good start is to understand that your personal brand will be the image that you’ll create about you.
First, think about a Product Brand that you know.
We can use Apple for example.
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What came to our mind when you think of Apple?
Example: maybe design, technology, good products, innovation.
May you know that Apple has excellent design appeal and innovation drive.
When do you want to buy an Apple product where do you go?
Physical store, online store, maybe both.
Now lets come back to your personal brand.
When are people think or talking about you, what you want they think or say?
Here we are starting to talk about personal Brand.
We can use the same principle from a product, for creating our personal branding.
My proposal at this resume is to create a case and use it to construct a personal brand together.
Our case will be about Bella Winter.
Description: She is a Senior Financial manager whit more than 18 years experience in the multinational industry. Now she want’s to create a personal brand.
Let’s go to create Bella Winter personal brand together.
With only 5 steps its possible to do a personal branding construction, following this methodology.
Personal Brand Construction Marketing LoversS2 methodology
3.    Personal brand construction
Understand what you want for your brand is a first and a crucial step.
I want to be recognized as a big digital content voice.
I want to be the best financial speaker in my city/area
I desire to be the biggest voice in my marketing/industry/area.
I desire to get a new job position.
Example Bella Winter: I want to be the biggest financial voice for financial job seekers and students, with tips and advice content.
To define your target is an important task and you need to think carefully.
You need to see what age you target have if they are priority man or woman, where they are, etc.
What kind of things they want to do, what they like to read/ listen, what kind of language you need to use (more formal or informal).
Example Bella Winter: My target is a young adult (18-24) starting their career in the financial area and looking to understand more about it among tips and advice.
Now is time to create your brand positioning.
What kind of message you want to delivery for your target audience?
How your brand is better than your competitors?
What is your differential?
In another word, you need to think about how you’ll be better than your competitor. Why your target will prefer to look for your information in detriment of others content.
Example Bella Winter: My differential will be a simple language with real cases to share how is to work in financial context with easy tips and valuable advice.
Now you have your brand is time to communicate it.
Our focus will be to tell you how to communicate your personal brand using social media.
For that, one important task is to create a Social Media strategy, by following these points:
a.     Understanding each social media channel.
According to your target audience, you’ll need to choose what social channel will be better to deliver your message.
You can choose more than one, according to your necessity. The import tip here is to choose some channels that you really can produce good contents.
Bellow, you can see a list with the famous social channel and the number of users (in millions) .
Facebook: 2.234
WhatsApp: 1.500
Youtube: 1.500
Facebook Messenger: 1.300
WeChat: 980
Instagram: 813
Tumblr: 794
Twitter: 330
Skype: 300
LinkedIn: 260
Pinterest: 200
SnapChat: 255
Numbers from
The following information is important to help you to understand better each channel and may help you to choose what is best for your personal brand.

Social media information from Oberlo. March 2018
b.     Developing a content strategy.
A content Strategy is necessary to help you with your focus and to achieve your goals.
Keep in mind what is your differential and what is the best thing you can offer for your target.
Don’t forget about the social media channel, using the best tools and content according to that.
c.      Creating metrics for each social media channel.
To set up a goal for each social media channel is important to understand if you are going for the right way.
It can be at the first moment, a number of followers per channel, the number of engagement, views, etc.
d.     Creating a social media calendar.
It can be in Excel our Google sheet.
The important is to really use this calendar to help you in your strategy construction.
This calendar should cover the followings points:
Social media channel
The theme you are focus on
# you are attending to use
You can find a calendar example in the section Social Media Calendar.
With this strategy, you’ll be able to send your message properly. The right message, for the right person at the right time.
Example Bella Winter: I’ll use
Going deep with this theme is necessary according to the social media you chose, a different type of content, for each social media.
It means a great effort to do everything in an integrated plan, but using each social media to deliver something that you need.
Your content can be posts, videos, infographics, stories, quizzes, surveys, etc.  According to your strategy.
It’s really important to focus on at this strategy.
Example Bella Winter:
Facebook:  to share fast tips and advice and to do webinars and live content.
Youtube: to help my target to understand one difficult theme and to talk using real and more complex cases.
Website: to connect all media, to share my experience and in the future to sell my consulting advice.
Blog: to share my ideas, experience, tips and advice for deep examples and cases.
Twitter: for share trends news about financial market and short tips

According to each channel and to help with this, Bella is using an excel table that you can download with this link <HERE>

An Example about social media for personal branding
To exemplify a little more about personal brand and to help you with referees, you can see in details different examples. 
May one of then can help you with your construction.
What you need to keep your eyes is: what type of branding they are trying to construct, each social media they chose and look in details of what they are doing.
Here we are working with 3 types of personal branding.
1)   focus on fashion/ beauty world
2)   focus on an executive and financial theme
3)   focus on personal career, photographer
Example 01 – Blogger / Socialite
Kourtney Kardashian –  focus on fashion, beauty and health

Social channels
Instagram: the IG is the biggest channel for Kourtney. She already have an app to make easy to buy her products. One single post can achieve up to 780k likes and up to 2,000 comments.
According with Baazar website Kourtney can receive up to $ 250.000 per paid post.

“while sisters Khloé and Kourtney can earn up to $250,000 a post (they have 64.1 million and 54.3 million followers respectively)”

Example 02 – Executive
Mark Gregory – Sr Executive at Ernst Young (EY). LinkedIn Top Voices UK 2017. Focus on Economic issues.
LinkedIn – Top Voice 2017

Example 03 – Famous Photographer
Annie Leibovitz –  famous photographer. 
Social channels


I hope you have success in your personal brand construction!

Luciana Ferreira
Solid Marketing and Innovation experience.

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