Artificial intelligence – How we can use it on marketing


2018 is on way and I’ve been talking with some marketer’s friends in traditional channel and industry and asking the same question:

Are you using AI in your marketing strategy?
When I (and many of my friends), started to work with marketing, to construct a strong brand was necessary a lot of money and 4 flights ads a year to put in TV, Radio and magazines.
Sometimes we used to send postcards telling about a promotion. Many years ago, was possible to change it by E-mail marketing. It was like a revolution: cheaper, faster and easier.
I remember like know when I did my first online campaign: we used portals to put banners, half banners and pop-ups. In total, 5% of my budget was destined to our first online campaign.
No longer, we used more 5% do create ads on Google and Facebook.
Many years have been passed and I had to learn many new things: CRM Marketing, Data-driven, Grown marketing, Content marketing, Design Thinking, and more.  Personalization is the word of the moment.
Basically, the old marketing model doesn’t exist anymore, or shouldn’t exist. In a moment that I’m trying to understand the new marketing, one more thing arrived to stay: Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence. But what it means?
[Definition: the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.]
Lest coming back to the main point that opened this article:
How we can use AI in Marketing?
Let me show some examples:
–       AI can give us more intelligence in data-driven, with more details and information about our customers, our campaign, our product/brand. All in real time and with a lot of details. We don’t need to spend money showing your product to everybody. Now we can show it to the right person at the right moment

Personalised Sponsored adds and no more the same magazine page for everybody. With AI will be possible to deliver a campaign for each one. If I love gold and you love blue, I should see an ad in my social media with a female gold t-shirt, and you in blue (with your gender).  If you are vegan for example, so you will see only products that are suitable for your lifestyle. For me, it sounds amazing and crazy at the same time.  

–       The old email marketing now can be more specific, It means that there is no one e-mail marketing to everybody with the best promotion selection. Now, using AI, e-mail marketing will be personalized for everyone according to lifestyle, gender, the moment of life, etc.   
–       Produce good contents are almost defaulted definition. But it’s not enough. You need to be connected with your customers (and prospects) in social media, in on real time. Its not acceptable to receive a answer tree days before. There are many tools that use AI to contact your costumers and be connected with then on line, in real time.  

Intelligent ads like a hologram and virtual reality should be used more and more to help the costumer to make a better decision: know in details and proof clothes and makeup for example, 

      or a new build or apartment.
–       With AI is possible to create a content using data information, it means that your content created 1h ago, can be changed using information that your target is talking about.  
–       Experience is definitely on the agenda. Intelligent products, connected with wifi, house intelligence. There are many examples to make the costumer life easier, and every day you will see more.
–       Are you looking and thinking about this? In your business, your product or your sales model are connected to transform the consumer experience?
–       In a store without checkout like new amazon store, how your product will be purchased? We need to be prepared and think in what kind of information you need to use in your package to help the costumer to do a decision in increasingly faster purchase moment. This technology arrived in will be used more in feel years.
Well, AI and marketing, we need to understand and #beconnectd because of its just beginning.
Luciana Ferreira

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