marketing for small business

We are a Marketing agency specialised in Marketing for small businesses and Startups. Since your Logo Design until your APP development, we can help you to choose the best tools to obtain the best results, respecting your time and budget limits.

Website Design

Nowadays, to have one website can change your game and bring you the success you are looking for.

We can help you to achieve this goal. 

Website | Webstore Design for Small Business

App Development

What about to upgrade your digital strategy with one personalised APP?

Yes! It’s possible. We are already helping small business to have their own App.

APP Development for Small Business with affordable prices.

Social Media Management

Trying to achieve the desired success in your social media without success?

We can help you!

Social Media Management for Small Business

Branding &
Logo Design

We have our own co-creation methodology to arrive at the best creative result for your brand.

Graphic Design

We develop the materials you need. With all the expertise and understanding of the needs that a small business has, we can help you get what you need.

Marketing Consulting | Mentoring

We can help to achieve your goals. Together we can construct a marketing / strategy plan and help you with a monthly meeting to setup KPIs and activities. It’s a 100% tailored plan.



At Marketing Lovers, each client is unique. We work hard to understand all clients needs and to bring them the best marketing tools on the market.
As an agency specialized in small business, we understand that every day matters, so agility is at the heart of our values.
Another very important value for us is simplicity. The less is more! And more is what customers expect and want as a result.